2019 Camp for The Work

This extraordinary camp will be held June 27 – 30, 2019 near Olympia, WA. The peaceful grandeur of the forest of the Pacific Northwest provides an excellent setting for unraveling stressful thinking.

The mission for Camp for The Work of Byron Katie is to provide an affordable, relaxed and collaborative immersion into The Work for both participants and facilitators.

Welcome to the Camp for The Work of Byron Katie. The VISION for the camp is:

To create a fun and inclusive opportunity for both participants and facilitators to immerse into The Work.

To create events where there is no hierarchy and all are students and teachers of The Work. We are equals on the path of self-discovery and the ending of our own suffering. All are invited to share their insights and awakenings from their own inquiry.

summer camp flyer 2019


Visit campforthework.com for more information.

Visit our Facebook Page as well.

To create this open community, the camp will serve as both an introduction and a deepening in The Work, with support and opportunity for a range of experience and interest.


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