Playing With Privilege

Playing with Privilege: Unleashing Entitlement


Let’s play with our puzzling concepts about privilege. When was the last time you felt entitled to something? To head to the front of the line, live in a certain neighborhood, be spoken to or addressed in a loftier way than someone else? Is your sense of privilege derived from a childhood where you were placed at the center of the universe, or does your sense of entitlement stem from old wounds where you felt you were mistreated or did not get what you needed in the past?

Using the Work of Byron Katie, we will recall times we were triggered about our privilege, how we’ve reacted when someones perceived entitlements seemed to encroach upon our personal space and individual rights. We will explore our unconscious privilege and how this thinking limits us in our openness to others and to a genuine sense of connection.  

There are no apologies needed, and we are not asking for correctness. We are aiming for increased awareness of our privilege and an opportunity to do our part to engage intentionally in our evolving world.

All are welcome; just bring your beliefs and your open mind. 

Ticket Price – $25

Danielle Morvan


Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Registered Yoga Teacher, and writer committed to evolving the conversation on cross-cultural communication.

Edie Thomajan 


Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Director of Southeast Sanctuary for Inner Peace.

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