Sanctuary Rental

For Inner Peace

Southeast Sanctuary is the evolution of my interest in ‘holding space’ for The Work of Byron Katie in the Portland Community.   I have attended and hosted groups for the Work since 2009.  My focus to support this Inner Peace movement has grown over the years and our Meetup Group has reached over 700 people.

In 2016, the idea of opening a space for this mindlessness work dawned on me with a sideways glance of our detached garage.  From that point, it has developed to serve for my practice as a Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie, to be a space for people to find sanctuary in this urban setting, rest in mindful practice, and nourish their inner experience.  It is available for sessions and events in The Work, and to rent for workshops, personal retreats, and small events.

The space was designed for this specific purpose with careful attention to a sense of welcome, balance, and inspiration.  With the attached garden, it provides oasis fitting in this Southeast Portland neighborhood.  It is The Work being lived out and shared.  

All are welcome in this space, in this practice, with me.  Please contact me if you want to know more about Southeast Sanctuary.

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