Testimonials From Camp

“I forget about grace, and it is such a beautiful thing to be held, without having to do it right and be able to flow. It is refreshing to remember grace!” ~Bonnie

“Based on this lovely experience, I’m taking away with me that the universe is abundant, generous, kind, full of surprises, laughter, mirrors and support. I will dare to take more than I did in the past.” ~ Claire

“ What I’m taking away is all the love I’ve experienced these last few days. I know a lot of that love is because you six people put your heads together and your hearts for all of us. I really went in and I really got a lot. It really renews my belief in humanity, in myself, and I think I was ready for some renewal.I got at the emotional level how I do my life so people won’t criticize me. I felt safe to drop into that emotional place and get it. “ ~Alex

“There was a preplanning fluidity that made it seem so perfect and in the moment. “ ~Lea

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